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As soon as I learnt to write, my diary came with me everywhere, and I would document each and every detail of my life, driven by the need to cling on to all the experiences, good and bad, that were building my world. While I still do find the time for writing, photography took its place as a way to treasure and savour all those precious moments; from breathtaking views, to my children's first teeth, from preserving the memories of family long gone, to revelling in the beauty that surrounds me every day.

With Photoli I aim to translate my fascination for all the details, big and small, into photos that document the here and now, whether it's the view from your window, your long-awaited event, or your baby's smile.

I have extensive experience photographing family portraits, bar and bat mitzvas, brit milas, business portraits and public events, and my photography has been published both online and in print. My clients again and again express their gratitude at the way I am both approachable and professional, identifying and capturing all the details and bringing out the essence of my subjects, with sensitivity and without being obtrusive. 

I am comfortable working in English, French and Hebrew, and work mainly in the Jerusalem area.

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