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"Andrea is a super talented photographer with care and attention to detail. She's a joy to work with and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended!" Yael Plaskow


"Thank you for the lovely pictures,  the pleasant atmosphere and the warmth. Thank you for everything, it was so nice to work with you!!"  Shani Markovitz


"Thanks again, everyone loves the photos - I'll be really recommending you. You were highly professional and thought of everything before me"  Suzi & Josh Wine


"The pictures are stunning. You have true skill at capturing the people and the moment with your camera. When I was going through the pictures, there were so many pictures that I was already envisioning looking at years from now, and just being a still-frame of such a special moment in time. The pictures are a gift that will keep on giving, for many years to come." ZO

"אין לי מילים להודות לצלמת המדהימה!! היה ממש כיף לעבוד איתה! האירוע לא היה אותו דבר בלעדיה" Yona Fish

"Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful pictures!! We are so happy with the results. You captured everything beautifully!"  Lori & Eric Solat

"I just wanted to say how extremely lovely it was to have u with us at the brit...some photographers just seem to be there and u just want to get rid of them but u were able to mingle in your lovely pleasant way with your positivity that all's going good. You enhanced the moment!!" TG

"The pictures are stunning!! Thanks so much. Going to be hard to choose which I blow up!"  Maria Beider

"Thank you for taking such brilliant photos on Thursday evening.  They are superb and more than what I was hoping for"  AR

"You weren't pushy like some photographers are. It was very nice. You were there but you didn't take over the event."  Becky Morali

"GORGEOUS!!! Thanks so much for taking them and posting them so fast!!!!!!"  DU

"I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I haven't had a chance to look at them until now and they are all so wonderful, thank you, you did an amazing job!"  YR

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